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Aditya Dev
Aditya Dev

Aditya Dev's persona and artistic capability make him in one of those rare artists who constantly experiments with his own thoughts and style weaving them in a new string and then presents a miniature day-to-day life on canvas. From inspiration, emotions and feelings to brush strokes, colour and composition, his life-size frames render a reality-based novel without words. With shades, strokes, hues and style all working in a solitary efforts, Aditya captures the essence of his idea in a satirical, pictorial, twisted yet beautiful and fascinating way.

The self-taught artist chooses his characters from the present day fast-moving life. As 21st century humans change their colour – both in positive and negative way – in every other circumstances vis-à-vis his characters. He emotes desires, open-eyes dreams, bonding, lust, nature, humanity, feminism, and different meanings to life. His paintings, at the same moment, send a social message to its audience.

His frames depict the contemporary thinking and lifestyle and are far away from traditional though his each canvas is highly textured, bold and beautiful and makes a statement of its own. He describes his works as a modern abstract with abstract impressionist influences.

Aditya brushes paintings in such an intricate style as at first glance it seems the canvas has some mingled characters in one single composition while at other, it unfolds a story of surrealistic world. At times, his strokes clearly showcase that the artist is poet by nature and brings forth his satire on contemporary, modern life on canvas.

The poetic-artist embraces varied themes like at one canvas, he captures human desires to fly like a bird and attitude of care for no one in this egotistic world, on the other he nourishes affections among individuals, especially men and women or their association with nature. He paints in detail their expressions and feelings – not only love and emotions but also anger, jealousy, lust and fun. His brush strokes add beauty and harmony in all nuances giving them a new definition.

Aditya, in fact, has carved out a niche for himself and his work is hard to assign to one genre. His conscious approach to every detail of his paintings makes him rise above the subject of genre to an influential artist ready to take the artistic world by storm in days to come. - Creative Team

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