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Bhawandla Narahari
Bhawandla Narahari

Narhari shows the rural lifestyle, feelings and traditional folktales of Telagana region which is shown by the centuries of cultural brilliance and custom of myth making, storytelling, music and dance. His bold brush strokes, creatively splashed colors, simple canvas, rustic themes, robust men and women are sharply defined. His work has an essence of village life.

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Authentic Abstract Paintings.

Abstract art is a style of painting and not a classification of an art period since we are still creating Abstract paintings today. Abstract painting is an art which has no clear subject matter - in other words - its difficult to determine what the artist is trying to depict. It could be an exploration of light, or colours, or materials, or space and shape. Abstraction has been around for a long time, but particularly rose to attention during the Modernist periods.