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Dhokra Arts

Dhokra Art Online.

Exquisite dull gold figurines and objects de art are crafted in Chhattisgarh out of bell metal, brass, and bronze. Dhokra art involves intricately patterning a clay core with wax ribbons and then coating it carefully with a mix of clay and hay. The wax is subsequently melted off, and the cavity formed is filled with molten metal. When this solidifies, the craftsman reveals the beauty of his creation by cautiously breaking open the outer clay shell. Inspiration is available to the craftsperson from his abundant environment, be it the village ghotul, myriad of trees, birds and animals, mythology or rituals. Utilitarian pieces such as combs, lamps, bowls and cups are created for daily use. Each piece of Dhokra Art is characterized by intricate attention to detail, visible in the jewellery that bedecks the Maria-Muria heads, the elephant's houda or even in a pot's geometric lines.