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Pahari paintings flourished and developed during 17th to 19th century in the hilly areas. These paintings are mostly done in miniature form of painting and influenced by Mughal paintings of Aurangzeb's period to some extent. Miniature paintings are highly influenced by Mural paintings. The themes of these paintings were taken from the texts like Bhagwad-purana, Sursagar, Geet-Govind, Bihari-Satsai, Rasikapriya, Rag-Ragini and Nayika-Bheda. Rajput paintings have a major influence on Pahari paintings owing to the family relations of the Pahari rulers with the royal court of Rajasthan. One thing that makes pahari paintings stand out i the use of shading which gives a sense of depth, which is missing in other types of paintings.

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