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Rajasthani Arts

Rajashtani Paintings Online.

Phad Paintings originated from Rajasthan. These are long rectangular paintings on cloth which depict the lives and adventures of local heroes using bold colours. These paintings take you through epic stories of dances and songs which are mainly used to create an entertaining evening for villagers. The canvas is crowded with figures congruously spread all over the area. Rajasthani paintings are characterized by bold lines, fine detailing, use of fine brush strokes, and use of bright colours which attracts the attention of every on looker successfully. The most common themes of Rajasthani paintings were sacred. The favourite themes of the artists were the excerpts from the story of Radha and Krishna and Mahabharata, Ramayana. All the figures in the painting were seen wearing hindu attires and were depicted as more humble creatures. Even the landscape Rajasthani paintings depicts desserts and glimpse of the land of Rajasthan. The most significant form of Rajasthani paintings are miniature paintings which were done on silk, paper, wood and sometimes on marble and ivory.