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Fusion Designs Vishal Ramaiya a Self taught artist.. This young rebel took to the brush at the age of 10 to enter into a world of illusion- to find power through the wild. Vishal’s figment of imagination as a troubled teenager forced him to paint fiery lions, elephants and forceful horses through which he sought his strength to grow in the immediate world. His palette, a melting pot of fierce emotions is his medium to depict his fearlessness. The bold strokes of his brush culminate into vigorous animal expressions, setting apart the lethargic, submissive and docile attitudes to break the monotony and stereotypes surrounding human life. Vishal uses ferocious animals as a metaphor for power, individuality and aggression. Vishal Ramaiya, now a 38 year old artist ‘thinks, talks and breathes’ abstract paintingand aspires to carve a niche in the world of euphoria.

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Figurative art, sometimes written as Figurativism, describes artwork - particularly paintings and sculptures - that is clearly derived from real object sources, and are therefore by definition representational. "Figurative art" is often defined in contrast to abstract art: Since the arrival of abstract art, term figurative has been used to refer to any form of modern art that retains strong references to the real world. 'Figurativism' is not synonymous with figure painting (art that represents the human figure), although human and animal figures are frequent subjects. Nor is it a synonym of realist art.