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Timeless Tanjore

"The uniqueness of Tanjore paintings compared to other art forms of India is that they are embossed with real gold, almost like a carved mural in an old temple. The elegant paintings depict famous spiritual scenes such as baby Krishna playfully eating butter or Lord Rama's grand wedding celebrations. These paintings are generously adorned with semi-precious stones that add more beauty to the stunning gold finery."

Fittingly, our Tanjore paintings are delicately handcrafted with inctricate details and framed in carved teak-wood Chettinad frames in classic styles."

Timeless Tanjore is a journey of discovery - acceleration of artistry, originality, and the incredible harmony of the different cultural treasures all around us. Our traditional handcrafted Tanjore paintings are whole stories in one frame; they're a warm reminder of the divinity that is all around us, now brought closer for you to take home. We're fascinated by nuances that the unique touch of an artisan's hand brings to a painting, the details that transform a "perfect" piece into a collectible. Let's share with you a piece of ancient India's golden history.

We supply our art pieces pan-India to multiple galleries, including Karnataka's state-owned handicrafts showroom Cauvery Emporium & here on ARTZYME

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Tanjore Paintings Online.

Tanjore paintings are one of the popular classical paintings have been Southern Tamil Nadu's pride for centuries. Their dense composition and vibrant colours makes them stand out from all other forms of painting. The themes of these paintings are mainly mythological depicting Child Krishna and his pranks, and other various deities. A typical Tanjore painting is characterized by a main figure or/and a deity with almond shaped eyes and a round body. Tanjore paintings now depict deities of various famous temples as well. These paintings are made with a unique technique called gilded and gem-set technique, in which gold leaves and precious stones are used to highlight various aspects of the painting like dresses, ornaments etc. The use of this technique makes these paintings stand apart from any other form of painting.