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How do I package a FRAMED painting?

by Artzyme com

Packing a FRAMED painting? 

Below is the guide to package arts: 

Framed paintings 

What you’ll need - 

  • Glassine paper or acid-free archival tissue paper 
  • Plastic sheeting or poly wrap 
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Painters tape (if packing a glass frame) 
  • Cardboard corner protectors 
  • Packing tape 
  • Foam board at least ½” thick 
  • Shredded or wadded white paper 
  • Very sturdy cardboard box if framed artwork is under 18”x24” 
  • Custom wooden crate if framed artwork is larger than 18”x24” 

1 – Use a sturdy cardboard box or build a custom crate that will fit the framed painting plus approximately three (3) inches of space on all sides. (This extra space will accommodate the layers of bubble wrap to be added.) 

2 – If the frame has a protective glass or acrylic pane, remove it from the frame. If it does not, skip to step 4. Apply two pieces of painters tape diagonally across the glass/acrylic pane to form a large “X”. Should the glass break during shipment, the tape will help keep the broken pieces together. 

3 – Sandwich the glass/acrylic pane between two sheets of foam board approximately 2 inches larger than the glass on all sides. Firmly seal the foam board sandwich all around with packing tape, making sure that the glass/acrylic panel does not shift around within. 

4 – Wrap the painting in acid-free, archival tissue paper or glassine. Note that any material that will come into contact with the surface of the painted work should be archival quality. 

5 – To protect against moisture, wrap the artwork with plastic sheeting or poly wrap. 

6 – Add cardboard corner protectors to the corners of the wrapped work. You can buy corner protectors readymade, or you can construct them yourself. Several online resources offer instructions on how to make them. 

7 – Wrap the framed painting in three (3) layers of bubble wrap, using packing tape to secure it. 

If your
framed painting is larger than 18”x24”, you’ll need to build a wooden crate and seal the work inside. 
If your
framed painting is under 18”x24”, proceed to step below. 

8 – Sandwich the wrapped painting within two sheets of foam board and tape all the way around to secure it. 

9 – Place it inside a sturdy cardboard box. To minimize movement within the box, thoroughly fill any empty areas around the artwork with shredded paper. The more snug the fit, the less the potential for damage. Seal the box thoroughly with packing tape, reinforcing the corners. 

10 – Affix the shipping label to the package and put clear tape over the label so it doesn’t get removed during shipment. Using a felt tip pen, write “FRAGILE” in large capital letters on the package, or use readymade “FRAGILE” labels. 

- Himjal (founder of Artzyme)


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