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How to Sell Arts Successfully? Part II

by Artzyme com
Sell Arts Successfully II

Art of selling arts by Sonjaye Maurya.

Arts selling blog on Artzyme.com.

Continued from earlier article - How to sell arts successfully? 1

Many new artists approach me after making their first painting giving details of pains they have taken and the time they have spent on creating it.......

For art buyers to reflect on your paintings have an Artist Statement.It should include primary theme of your creations, your artistic goals and ambitions, why you love to paint, draw, sculpt etc. It should also include who your viewers or audience are, who is your art intended for, some artists and styles that have influenced you.

Include Artist Statement with your portfolio. If someone wants to buy your artwork, wants to see some background of you as an artist, then you may present them with your Artist Statement. You may also post it online where you have an artist profile, or on your Facebook page.

Don’t limit yourself by following other people styles; take it as an influencing factor and rather be your own self. You are unique in your own way. Your style is your voice and is timeless. It will not dissolve or ends like a trend. But will become your recognition.

People buy what they see. Visual connection is the key element of desire. We need to get art on display. Galleries, art fairs and online portal (like Artzyme) can’t do it alone. People should be able to see your work not only in galleries, but public places, where captive audiences gather.

Sell your arts

Probably this may not work too. But taking steps is the only path to success. Don’t give up. You’ve dedicated years, money and countless hours into developing your skill. So if you’ve been knocked down, get up and keep moving forward. Why would you give up? Why put all that time, blood, sweat and tears to waste and just throw it all away? A common reason why artists fail is that they get caught up in other aspects of their lives put their artwork on hold and, eventually, the creativity starves and dies. People, who don’t give up, no matter what life throws at them, are more likely to make a name for them in whichever creative vocation they choose. Winner are not those who never fail, but those who never quit. Harder is the conflict, more glorious the triumph.

The Butterfly

Start networking with other artists. Exchange ideas, knowledge and information and learn from them. Knowing people is more important than achieving a college degree. Whom you know is more important in art-world.

There are more possibilities than ever for emerging artists to sell arts. Just browse online (Right price and place for art creations) and you will find hundreds of ways an artist can sell art. But, even though these opportunities are available, you need to explore strategies to use them and make your art visible and saleable.

Make long term plans to sell your artworks. The most important is to have a good portfolio, with a variety of themes, techniques, and styles. Your portfolio must have large enough collection that portrays you as a serious and dedicated artist.

To be Continued - Concluding part in coming week.........

- Artist Sonjaye Maurya on www.Artzyme.com/blog


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