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How to Sell Arts Successfully? Part I

by Artzyme com
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Sell arts successfully by Sonjaye Maurya.

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Many new artists approach me after making their first painting giving details of pains they have taken and the time they have spent on creating it. Rather than being passionate about Arts, artists with an intention to sell their 1st painting want to know how much money it will fetch. Or no. of artists with just 4/ 5 pcs with them expect to make a sale. And I always get to hear complaints from aspiring artists about how art galleries don’t entertain them, or don’t give response to their queries.

Emerging artist – Sanskriti Prabhakar

Sell%20Arts%20Ganesh%20San%20Pra.JPG?147 Sell%20Arts%20Deer%20Sonjaye.JPG?1473574 Established artist – Sonjaye Maurya ----------->

In this competitive market everybody wants to set the cash register ringing and not waste time or efforts in promoting new artists. Take an example from our day to day life. Shopkeepers prefer to stock and sell branded goods rather than unbranded stuff though they could be of better quality as branded products are fast moving, requires no hard selling or pushing across the counter. We also, as a customer ask for branded product if the shopkeeper tries to sell us an unbranded product. The same applies to art too. Everyone has to make money, including online portals (Artzyme.com) and galleries.

My young fellow artists, Rome was not built in a day. And if it was that, every young lad alighting at Dadar (Mumbai) with rosy dreams of becoming a star in Bollywood would become Dharmendra. Being successful as an artist (painter) is not easy as in any other field. Lot of struggle is involved. You have to prove yourself. And if you are looking for someone to market you, first you have to make a brand out of yourself.

So make a brand of yourself. Prove your mettle. One movie of a new comer or struggler when becomes a hit on the box office, producers’ line up at his place to sign him/her up for their new movies. Have patience. Look at the bigger canvas. Success is not easy to come. But when it comes, it knows no bounds.

As I mentioned, paint with planning, in my article ‘EXPLORE, PRACTICE AND EXCEL AS A SELF-TAUGHT ARTIST' here I say promote with planning. As in any other business, to sell art also you require proper planning and strategy.

So what should be done to sell your Arts!

Creating art and marketing art are two different roles. Many artists are not trained marketers. They would rather spend their time in their studio creating. But, in order to sell art, some art marketing and promotion knowledge is necessary. Organize and set apart art creation and art marketing time. As artists, we need to realize that just as much as time is spent in creating art, same amount of time needs to be spent in marketing and promoting it. Without marketing it may be very difficult to sell art and receive commissions. Unless you have someone else to do the promotion and marketing for you, you will have to schedule and organize your time .

Like any other product or service, art too requires good marketing. The only difference is that here the market is different and the clientele is different too. Everybody doesn’t buy art as it’s not considered a necessity. So the target audience is limited. It is essential to reach out to the prospective buyers. And how to do that!

The path of an artist is different. Some of us lose vision and determination. So if you want to succeed, uphold to your dreams and fight the good fight. Take advice of successful artists, navigate adversity and embrace self-discovery. Never talk negative about your art or express self-doubt. Believe in your product. This is the business aspect of your creativity.

To be Continued - Part II in coming Week.........

- Artist Sonjaye Maurya on www.Artzyme.com/blog


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