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Information Technology and Arts - Pay Back Time!

by Artzyme com

Information Technology and Arts!

Just today morning a friend of mine asked me as to what do I think about the evolution of IT in Arts (Paintings). I thought for a while on this interesting topic and here are my two cents, found them interesting… Therefore started writing. 

To me Information Technology is the birth child of the artistic side of the brains of a Software/ Hardware engineer. The entire IT domain thrives on the creative thinking of an engineer and support staff. Be it complex software to gaming Program, laser shows... just think about it would it ever involve if there was no creativity or element of art to it. There are many visual art, graphics, software that we use in our day to day lives without even realizing the creativity used behind them. IT would not have reached our houses if these artists did not perceive and then create end to end solutions. 

To me now it's just a pay back time of IT to the actual artists like painters, art creators, decorators who are artists by profession and have a formal education and skill in physical artistic creations. These creators have started to use technology to create better, through various visual arts software. Artists just think of an idea and use technology to give it a final outcome. Eg. a designer designing marriage invitation cards, thinks of the design he wants on the cards, the fonts he wants write up, the colour scheme, the layout and the entire pattern. He visualizes the same and uses technology to transform his thoughts in to physical form, and then uses the same technology to produce more copies of his production (hi-end printers). It has made life of a creator, developer so easy that he doesn't need to manually sit and try various permutations and combinations, just a few clicks on the keypad, and he gets exactly what he wants to create. 

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Artists are using IT to showcase their work, creation to the entire world through Paintings, where people virtually is it these artistic exhibitions, like the work of the artist, give their inputs through comments section and what more even buy them instantly through hi-end securitized payment gateways. It's so simple, no logistics , transportation involved until the last phase of shipment, which saves artists all his effort and time, and he is creating more while the exhibition is ON. All it required an Artists to do was click his work through high end digital camera and post his work online. 


Artists have come out of their nutshell of traditional way of selling only through retail shops, or through physical exhibitions. They are now moving one step ahead, like the entire world is moving, and have started selling their creations online, through various portals, like Artzyme, dedicated India's Fast growing Arts Marketplace. Again following a very simple process of clicking their work, pricing the same and listing it on the portal. Buyers window shop for their needs and if they like it they make advance payments and the seller just has to ship the products to buyers across the globe, giving him an open international market exposure. All he has to do is ship the products. What's more the payment reaches the artists sitting at home, saving him all the time and energy, and there by allowing him to focus on Creating More, and learning more, as today there is no dearth of avenues to showcase your talent. 

Technology has also enabled physically challenged artists like challenged with ability to see, disability of hands, create and bring out the hidden and unexplored talent in them. There are many software available today which helps a blind feel, recognize colors through touch of the button, and sensory motions, he exactly knows which colour to use and where and there by creates master pieces which leave many of us in a state if Aww... 

 And all this is possible by the new and better developments through the creative minds of our IT artists, who are working day in and day out to create what ART needs and uses. So to me Art Creates Art!  

- Himjal (Founder Artzyme - Creative Bazaar to enhance your Home/ Office with Paintings and Home Decor). 


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