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SAIKAT BAKSI I have not gone to any art collage. I have never been taught how to paint. I paint because I can’t help it. Paints and brushes guide me through hues and shades. I believe my paintings paint themselves. I am just a medium. I am an author too. Four English Fiction novels written by me have been published so far. My novel, ‘Something in your eye’, is a national bestseller. My next novel, ‘Is it Maya?’ is scheduled for release in a few months from now. I don’t classify my paintings under any specific category. I pour out the images flashing before my mind’s eye. Sometimes, my images are symbolic; at times the images are surreal; and at times they are non-objective or even akin to Pop-art. Born 43 years ago, I spent my childhood in Kolkata. My school and college life revolved around poems, stories, novels and paintings. Engineering too captured some fraction of my passion. I became a mechanical Engineer by qualification. On account of my profession of being a traveling salesman for past twenty years, I lived in more than seven cities across India spanning from far south to far north. The grind for survival in today’s ruthless materialistic world feeds to my painting. More I am subjected to misery, more I suffer, more I burst with joy and ecstasy, more I paint. Volcanic riot of colors is my language… Though I don't feel it is important, yet I would mention that I received CLASSIC AWARD in the India Art Festival organized by Kala Spandan in Mumbai Nehru Centre during November '16.

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