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Sonjaye Maurya Paintings Online -

With a childhood full of drawing and painting, winning numerous child artist awards, including prestigious President and Prime Minister of India's awards, he graduated from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art in Commercial Art.

Art in various forms, has always been his companion for as long as he can remember. In the hustle and bustle of life Paintings took a back seat with an occasional dabble here and there. In his attempt to move away from his routine, he sought solace in paintings. For him it is more like 'Soul Food'. He started his journey with paints and brushes in November 2014.

He is a self-taught artist. His works reflect his inspired appreciation of the different aspects of life, which though not simple is rather intricate and perplexing with many parts amazingly interconnected. He does not believe in monotony, hence his paintings portray a lot of variety in themes, colors, ideas, stylization and use of techniques as per the concept. Acting similar makes the artists enter in a comfort zone, where monotony takes place, And whereas art is passion. And everybody knows that monotony is killer of passion.

He enjoys combining and experimenting with different mediums and techniques, be it gouache, water colour, ink, acrylic, crayons, pastels, graphite powder, pencil. Tools for painting are not only limited to brushes but knives, blades, fingers, thumb different innovative material is used. Each material, technique adds its own element of interest to the piece of art and makes it unique in its own way. This has given him a broader perspective allowing to create new styles and works of art.

His art flows spontaneously from within, for which at times he remains immersed in the canvas during the creation for hours on end. Hence the end result is natural and free flowing by itself.

Sonjaye says "I do not paint with brain or hands, but with heart. I take inspiration on every feeling a human can experience. My Muse is my love and hope in life…even in the worst scenarios. A sunset becomes poetry under my brushes and a boat on sea becomes a love tragedy… I think that the goal of an artist is not to show reality in a real way, but with a little dream, a touch of magic. That is the challenge I launched to myself for each painting I realize".

For him, pursuing art has been an enriching and a very fulfilling experience as it brings about connectivity between the elements, nature, artist and the viewer. It is a medium of self-realization and his very existence. Each painting that he creates, is drawn by inspiration from within and motivation from my dreams and thoughts.

Apart from painting, he enjoys reading, writing photography and traveling. The travels give him a ready platform to observe various things endlessly.

Sonjaye finally quotes "I am looking forward to work as a professional artist and see creativity explode around me. Many a times, perfect communication transpires without words and I want my paintings to be an example of the same. The harmony of colors project what each painting has to say. The mind is not crisp & clear but it is a labyrinth of thoughts. Therefore my paintings are a model of vagueness, randomness, yet it is a conversational chemistry of the artist, the paintings & the audience".

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