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SURAJ HOWALE born on 1 January 1993, in Mangalawedha, a small city in Maharashtra. He used his in-born artistic talent to sketch up various art work, which has gained him fame and recognition all over India. For most of the work he has created so far, he has used Pencil on paper to convert his ideas into Art form. He believes that in Hinduism, Sadhu means a religious or pious person. Sadhu is solely created to achieve Moksha through meditation. Sadhu often wears saffron coloured clothes, symbolising their Sanyasa. Suraj in his work has tried to capture the aura of spiritualism on the faces of the Sadhus. He does the same keeping in mind the age, which he does so well by drawing the wrinkles in a very detailed and intricate way, showing the stae of ' Vairagya'.

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