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I am fond of painting although I am into advertising field. I love

to paint on spiritual subjects especially. Lord Ganesha is my

key source of motivation. It inspires me to do paintings on

Lord Ganesha and also gives me unending zeal and energy.

In this series, I have drawn some paintings on topics which are

presented in semi-realistic style and few of them are based on

abstract style. I have experienced & realized while painting

that 'Lord Ganesha' is the only mentor of my life.

I have explored Lord Ganesha's incarnations under different

titles like Urjaa, Karta, Daata, Bhakti, Modakpriya, Ashtavinayak.

Lord Ganesha's strengths, likings & contribution have

been exclusively presented through these paintings. There is

a suitable colour balance you will observe in these pictures

even though bright colours have been used primarily. There

are few paintings on Lord Buddha which are done in semirealistic

style. These paintings mainly talked about crux of life,

stories, morals, incidents which took placed in Lord Buddha's


My attempt is to always try to follow spirituality and convey

these thoughts through my series of paintings.

Vijay Nyalpelly

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Authentic Abstract Paintings.

Abstract art is a style of painting and not a classification of an art period since we are still creating Abstract paintings today. Abstract painting is an art which has no clear subject matter - in other words - its difficult to determine what the artist is trying to depict. It could be an exploration of light, or colours, or materials, or space and shape. Abstraction has been around for a long time, but particularly rose to attention during the Modernist periods.